Anarchy T-Shirt – Never refuse a cup of tea. Ever.

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

anarchy in the uk

This is of course purely fictional. We hope…


Ah, tea. A British tradition. The very idea of an old lady refusing a second cuppa is as anarchic as burning the flag, and this Anarchy T-Shirt captures the madness perfectly.

Tea is a British tradition, and my grandmother is particularly fond of this tradition, almost to the level of it being a religion. Tea is served at 4pm. There will be cake and biscuits. It’s the law. At least in her eyes. She’s got all the gear to go with it. The cosies, the tea strainers, sugar tongs… People make a big deal about the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but if they knew about my grandmother’s regimen and mystical tea-brewing abilities, there’d be swarms of tourists at her door hoping to catch a glimpse of the magic. I feel honoured to have the afternoon tea of my grandmother in my life, but once upon a time, I said “no, thank-you” to a second cup. I could see the look in her eyes that spoke of cities burning, madness in the streets, plagues, the end of civilisation as we know it and even the four horsemen riding across the sky. It was a look of pain, confusion, chaos and dismay. SInce that day, I have never said no to a second cup. This delightful t-shirt serves as a warning to those who would refuse that second cup. It’s a great design too, brought to you by the illusive and talented Mark Lambert. If you’re reading Mark, thanks for a kick-ass tee design.

You can get your own slice of anarchy cake in the form of this tee, by visiting It’s £24.99, comes only in this dark charcoal colour and is available in sizes small to XL. Never say no to a second cup of tea, or, if you believe my grandmother, the world ends.

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