Hungry Stomach T-Shirt – Feed me!

October 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

hungry t-shirt

This is exactly what my stomach looks like. Exactly. It’s spooky accurate.

I am hungry, but I am hungry for a very specific thing. And this Hungry Stomach T-Shirt highlights my yearning to ingest this thing. It is of course, the Christmas Sandwich.

Let’s first talk about the tee. It’s a great looking, simplistic design that’s perfect for those of us with rumbling tummies. It was created by Deem and it’s well worth checking out his whole collection which is full of gems. Now, back to the Christmas sandwich – my current culinary obsession. I speak of course of the special pre-packaged sarnies that supermarkets and sandwich stores bring out at the end of each year. They’re typically filled with turkey, bacon, stuffing and cranberry, but there can be a bit of variation too, and often is. Each day, my associate, Jim (who runs – a great site if you’re into your graffiti) wait patiently until lunchtime, and then rush to the shops to see if anyone has released these festive delicacies on the world yet. Alas, we’ve found none so far. But after some tweeting and emailing, we have a list of dates for those of you in the UK. Christmas sandwiches will be released in these stores on these dates:

Sainsbury’s – 29th Oct

M&S – 31st Oct

Waitrose – 7th Nov

Pret A Manger – 12th Nov

I’m still waiting to hear from several others. A calendar has been made. This is the only bit of Christmas I really enjoy (Scrooge!) and I can’t wait. In fact, I’m dribbling on myself right now just thinking of it.

Back to the t-shirt, and you can get your own hungry tee from where it’ll cost you a mere $24.90. It comes in lots of colours and sizes go from Small to XXL. When I get round to reviewing the Christmas sandwiches, I’ll let you know which one is best. Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming of them…


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