Clean Earth T-Shirt – Getting hippyish.

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

uranus t-shirt

Pronounced “ˈyo͝orənəs,” …whatever that means.

I’m not much of a hippy. I look a bit scruffy and I recycle, but that’s usually about it. But, once in a while, it’s good to go green, and this Clean Earth T-Shirt is a great way to start.

The problem with your average green hippy sort of thing (be it movement or campaigner) is that it’s all a bit weedy. True, weeds are plants too and deserve as much protection as the roses, but not everyone can fall in love with a stinging nettle. My mentality is more along the lines of “fight the power” rather than “hold up a placard decrying the power while walking about a bit” but each to his own, live and let live, etc. Ergo, I’ve never suited being a hippy, despite looking good in hemp and emanating a wide variety of natural odours. So how does one get someone like myself into the idea of flower power and pretentious goatee/black-rimmed-specs combos? Simply, you either make it sexy, tasty or funny. In the case of this Uranus T-Shirt, they went for funny. It’s not a joke that really gets old. Despite having laughed at it since my childhood, I still think it’s a zinger, so adding it to this tee was a master stroke. For childish humour, I will fight the very petrol monsters that are terrorising the world (or so I understand). This shirt is well made, with a friendly design, and it’s ecologically sound (100% organic) so you can wear it guilt free.

To pick up your blue green t-shirt (see what I did there?) you merely have to go to and pay a mere $25. Mere. The t-shirt is like planet Earth in that it’s blue and there’s nothing I can do, and it comes in sizes S, L and XL. Peace out, bro. Flower love, etc.


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