Flip Flop And Fangs – Quirky T-Shirts for quirky people.

December 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Flip Flop And Fang T-Shirts

Left to right: Did you eat Dave?, Penguins, Zombiespotting.

I found out about Flip Flop And Fangs T-Shirts via Twitter (all hail the mighty Oracle of the Blue Bird!) and was instantly charmed by the designs. So I’ve picked three of my favourite tees and I shall now give you the lowdown.

First of all, this is exactly my sense of humour. It’s all ridiculous, and I like that. Surreal and silly, and with a bit of parody here and there to make it really work. What’s more, the illustrations themselves are pretty singular. Stylised and ultimately unique, these t-shirts stand apart from others by virtue of an illustrative aesthetic that is wholly their own, and that makes them great garments indeed. The brand was created by Rebecca Gray and all of the tees are ethically sourced – which is awesome. So, enough of all the gushy stuff – let’s talk about the above designs (all of which come on 100% cotton tees with eco-friendly printing).

Did You Eat Dave? – £20.00. Burgundy coloured tee, available in small only at the moment, this is exactly the sort of thing that makes me giggle. This is the girls version, but you can find guys ones on the site too.

Penguins – £20.00. Another one for girls, this comes in turquoise but it’s currently (at the time of writing this) out of stock. It incorporates one of my favourite swear words, and lots of penguins balancing on an iceberg. That’s just fantastic.

Zombiespotting – £20.00. One for the guys this time. Dark grey and available only in small, this combines zombies and a great film, and that means a great shirt. I wonder what they want more: heroin or brains…?

I urge you to check out the whole range and all of the designs. As well as t-shirts, there are lots of bags and hats and other stuff too, and some funny bits and pieces across the site. It’s always great to discover new t-shirt sites (especially if you’re a t-shirt-obsessed blogger like what I am), and when the tees are this funny, it’s a real winner.


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