Don’t Worry T-Shirt – Eyes in the darkness.

February 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Eyes T-Shirt

Some nights, sleep just doesn’t come.

Insomnia isn’t fun. At best, it’s staring into the darkness. At worst, it’s letting all of your nightmares play out in your consciousness. This Don’t Worry T-Shirt actually has something to do with a film (that I’ve not seen), but it’s pretty good at summing me up right now. Just a pair of eyes in the night.

Everyone has something to worry about. No one escapes anxiety. Some brush it off and suffer other misfortunes in their character instead. Some logically attack the problems and suffer the pain bluntly. Others crack. Me? I just lose the ability to sleep. It’s been a while since I had a serious bout of it. Now i’m in the middle of one. Won’t go into the problems here – time and a place, I guess. But the effects result in me, lying in bed all night, staring out into the fathomless darkness above me. Staring into all the horrors my mind can conjure up and being paralysed by fear and exhaustion. If I get two hours of sleep a night at the moment, I’m doing well. And even that sleep is broken, light and full of nightmares. This will all pass when I get some wins under my belt, but at the moment, I don’t see where those will be coming from. They will. Time provides the answers somehow. Even if there are darker things to come, there will be light again. It is the way of things. But for now, and fro the time being, it will be my eyes staring out into the night, living all my fears and worries. Night after night after night…

You can get this beautifully designed Eyes T-Shirt from where it costs $22.99. Sizes available range from small to XL and it comes in black. Have pleasant dreams, good nights of sleep and spare the occasional thought for those of us who are unable to enjoy either.


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